HFN20 Network

This is HFN’s largest network with a full range of medical, hospital, and ancillary services. HFN 20 has over 300 hospitals and over 52,000 physicians, offering comprehensive statewide access and competitive discounts. To qualify for HFN 20, a plan must have at least a 20% difference between in-network and out-of-network benefits.

When access is the most important issue, HFN 20 is the network to utilize. TPA’s, Insurers, unions, associations and employers take advantage of HFN 20’s access and savings.

In addition, national coverage, primary networks and the whole suite of Stratose cost containment products are available through HFN. For more information about how HFN and Stratose can reduce your healthcare spend through customizable solutions contact Client Management.

HFN20 Network


Over 300 Hospitals


Over 52,000 Physicians

Does our HFN20 Network fit your needs?

Does our HFN20 Network fit your needs?

Let us show you how our popular networks like HFN 20 provide employers like you comprehensive access to respected health providers at significant network savings over other networks and deliver the professional, consistent service that has made HFN the largest PPO network in Illinois.

Please contact Client Management for more information.

Advantages of HFN20 Network

  • Network covers Illinois and contiguous state key population centers Illinois, NW Indiana, Wisconsin, St. Louis, Quad Cities
  • Competitive savings
  • Ideal for employers with members living in a broad area
  • Access to one of the largest hospital and provider groups available
  • State-of-the-art technology and EDI capabilities — consistent with HIPAA guidelines

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