Stratose is now Zelis Healthcare - from Network Solutions through Claims Integrity to Payments

Newly Named Zelis Healthcare Introduced to Healthca.. 15-Jun-2016

Dental Health and Heart Health

Do healthy gums mean a healthy heart? There's no.. 02-Jun-2016

Stratose Announces Merger

Industry Leaders Combine to Form Unparalleled Company in Hea.. 28-Jan-2016

5 Ways to Improve Patient Engagement in Hospitals

Improving patient engagement is a subject that’s b.. 19-Jan-2016

Merger Mania...How will it impact healthcare?

Anthem’s announcement last week that it will acqui.. 14-Jan-2016

What about dental care when it comes to the Affordable Care Act?

There is a lot of information out there about how health car.. 30-Dec-2015

Consumers driving price transparency

Hospitals must assess status, develop 'holistic' approach .. 11-Dec-2015

Body Mass Index In Adults (BMI Calculator for Adults)

The benefits of maintaining a healthy weight go far beyond i.. 13-Nov-2015

Shop Smart and Save

Smart shopping on a budget means knowing what to buy and whe.. 06-Nov-2015

Whooping Cough Proteins Evolving 'Unusually' Fast

Whooping cough may be evolving to outsmart the currently.. 22-Oct-2015

Parthenon Capital Announces Partnership Transaction with Stratose

BOSTON, MA — Parthenon Capital Partners (“Pa.. 25-Aug-2015

Healthcare cyberattacks rising dramatically

Dive Brief: Cyberattacks on healthcare organi.. 15-Aug-2015

Medicine Is About to Get Personal

How can Americans get better health care for less money?.. 09-Jul-2015

Defined Contribution Comes to the Group Health Market

The Institute for Healthcare Consumerism (IHC) reports that .. 15-May-2015

What to Expect in Health Research in 2015

CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook and .. 06-Jan-2015


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