If you are concerned about the rising cost of health care, about your options for long term control and the possible impact of government programs on your enterprise, welcome to HFN -- one of the Midwest’s leading Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO). We offer innovative solutions for your health care and program management needs with comprehensive resources ready to deliver.

Founded in 1985, HFN has grown to provide healthcare to hundreds of thousands of individuals in Illinois, NW Indiana, Wisconsin, St. Louis and the Quad Cities. As the largest independently owned PPO network in Illinois, HFN offers comprehensive healthcare management services, innovative Workers' Comp and Group Health programs, Claims Negotiation Service and a wide selection of other healthcare solutions for clients, members and providers. In addition, HFN has been at the forefront of the healthcare industry with preventative health programs that improve the health of employees for a more productive and rewarding workforce for more than two decades.


  • Group Health PPO Network
  • Workers' Comp PPO Network
  • Claims Repricing
  • Fee Negotiation Service
  • Partnerships for: Wellness Programs, Disease Management, Predictive Modeling, Innovative Plan Design, Custom Networks and Total Access Management


Fast, efficient claims processing and payment by insurers was not always a given. But thanks to HFN’s creative response to this health care industry need, insurance companies enjoy accurate, fast, consistent claims repricing… affording both patients and providers consistently quicker claims processing and payment.

Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Client Intensity

Foundational Attributes

  • Build Client Loyalty
  • Exemplify Shared Values
  • Drive Process Excellence
  • Deliver Business Growth
  • Expand Market Solutions
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